At home in Bourlamaque

A new interactive exhibit is waiting for you at the Village minier de Bourlamaque.

Historical House. “Living in Bourlamaque” Set in a 1940's residential décor, the exhibition will allow you to discover what characterized the past and current lives of the mining village's inhabitants. Come and discover the many faces of the lifestyle that families living in the mining village experienced.

What were the social and moral dilemmas they had to face? What was the role occupied by mothers for the organization and management of the household? What were the challenges of settling in a new region, rich but isolated, or then again, how did the inhabitants deal with management authority, unions and political-religious milieus?  What about the intercultural cohabitation and the life "borderline" legal and all the temptations that the Golden Valley had to offer?


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For any reservation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone : 819 825-1274
Toll free : 1 855 825-1274

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Corporation du Village minier de Bourlamaque / La Cité de l'Or
90 avenue Perrault (CP 212)
Val-d'Or, Québec, Canada
J9P 4P3

Phone : 819 825-1274 Toll free : 1 855 825-1274
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